Osteopathy is a form of manual medicine that tries to restore a healthy relationship between structure and function. To explain this, lets consider the sympton of RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury), a symptom often reported by people that work with computers. RSI leads to less supply of oxygen and nutrients to your forearms. By a process of unravelling and gentle manipulation, Osteopathy can restore the blood flow and nutrients to forearms and acheive natural forearm movements.

Another symptom often presented by patients is lower back pain. Lower back pain is a complicated symptom. It takes a really careful history and examination to determine the causes. A great example is how someone with an old ankle inhury has been limping for months. This twists up their lower back and their pelvis. The crucial hinges of the body become compromised resulting in pain and compression on the spine. Rather than only treating the back and obtaining often only short term pain relief, if you treat the ankle, hip, lower back and rib cage, you restore normal function to all these areas. The pain relief becomes significant because the the cause of the problem has been resolved.

The above examples communicate the principles of Osteopathy.