• Michael Solano

    ESO people Michael Solano

    Michael finished a degree in Human Movement and Psychology at Melbourne University and then taught Secondary School for 4 years. At 27 he went back to RMIT for 5 years to complete a Bachelor of Applied Science in Osteopathy. He's been in practice since 1992. He is fascinated by Embryology and Osteopathy. Michael has been studying with a shy genius called Dr Brian Freeman. With his help, he has started to understand living anatomy. Michael has run several marathons, cycled all over Victoria and bush walked regularly in paradise (aka Wilson's Promontory). His passions are the ocean, great friends and being of Italian stock, loves good food and wine.

  • Manu Wakely

    ESO people Manu Wakely

    Manu enjoys the playful banter at ESO. He graduated from UWS as an Osteopath in 2005 and has been working at the clinic ever since. He has a background in engineering (graduating UNSW 1998), the military and elite sports. He also works as an instructor in the fitness industry at Elixr Bondi - a pilates and yoga gym. Manu has helped patients therapeutically whilst intregrating their exercise and activity regimes. He plays and coaches sport at the national level. His favourite success story is when he took a guy from walking with a cane for five years and who had recently undergone heart surgery to being able to choose to run on a treadmill and bush walk for fun.

  • Cesar Gonzalez

    ESO people Cesar Gonzalez

    Cesar Gonzalez has been in practice as a deep tissue massage therapist for more than 16 years. He completed a 2-year full-time course at one of the most prestigious courses in Australia. He worked as an assistant osteopath for a number of years before starting his own practice. Cesar combines his knowledge of anatomy and biomechanics to great effect. He conducts personal training sessions to help people prevent injuries and recover from trauma. Cesar treats an incredible variety of people, from elite athletes to highly motivated senior citizens.

  • Amanda Tenn

    ESO people Amanda Tenn

    Amanda has a Professional Certificate from Nature Care College as a Massage Therapist. She is a very fit and strong woman who has been fulfilling her passion for Anatomy and Physiology by studying massage. Deep therapeutic massage is what she feels benefits a lot of old injuries and trauma. She is skillful and sensitive to the muscular and fascial tissues and keen to practise her skills on athletes and pregnant women. Michael has known Amanda for more than 5 years and recommends her highly. Amanda is available on Saturdays between 8am and 2pm at a cost of $75.00 for 1 hour. MARCH PROMOTION $65 massages or 3 for $200 with Amanda Tenn. GET IN QUICK!

  • John Gillette

    ESO people John Gillette

    John has worked alongside Michael for more than 22 years. He brings a level of skill and knowledge to his work as a massage therapist which is superb. John has conducted seminars here at the clinic on therapeutic techniques and stabilizing exercises. He has constantly challenged himself to study and learn more about his profession.He is currently specialising in muscle imbalances which incorporate kinesio taping. He really loves anatomy and physiology to the point of being a nerd. John runs his own practice in Revesby and honors us with his presence every Wednesday. He also provides us with the joke of the week.

  • Poppy Solano

    ESO people Poppy Solano

    Poppy is affectionately known at the clinic as the Osteo Dog. She has been loyally working at the clinic for several months and has taken on the role of welcoming committee with open paws. Poppy is passionate about creating a warm and inviting environment, greeting patients with cuddles, a wagging tail and the occasional lick. She will happily lay on the patients lap during treatments to aid in the healing process. Poppys interests include tummy rubs, chasing balls and playing 'where is it'?!