Acute pain refers to a short period of emotional or physical unpleasant sensory experience.  It may be the result of an accident or injury and generally is pain that is expected to resolve quickly.  Chronic pain, on the other hand, is continuing pain that lasts beyond a reasonable expecred period of healing.

Whether the pain you experience is a direct result of a particular event or has been an ongoing problem for a long time, the osteopathic approach is to gain a whole picture of the history of the pain and other pre-existing conditions that may contribute to the onset of acute pain or the maintenance of chronic pain.

Some examples of acute pain include a sporting injury, headache, joint sprain or muscle strain.  Some examples of chronic pain include neck or back pain where the pain signals are still being sent but the tissue damage is no longer evident.

If you have any type of pain that is causing your discomfort, make a booking to see an osteopath and discuss the possible options available to you.