Whether you workout at the gym, are a casual jogger, play on a weekend sports team or are a professional athlete, you may find yourself with an injury caused by your chosen sport or are noticing some restriction in your body that's not allowing you to perform as well as you would like.  Injuries seem clear when you take a particular blow to the body, fall badly during play or over exert yourself in trying to reach a goal.  Other injuries may creep up on you as the continual repetitive motion slowly wears down a muscle or joint.  Common sports injuries include neck and back strains and injuries to shoulders, elbows, wrists, hip knees, legs and ankles.

Osteopathy has the potential to assist in recovery from sports injuries, prevention of injuries and improvement in performance.  Treatments are directed to improve circulation and neuromuscular function and improve blood flow to joints and muscles.  Gentle techniques involve manipulation, mobilisation and soft tissue stretching.

If you have experienced an injury, want to prevent injuries or simply improve your body balance for better sports performance, make a booking today.