Throughout your pregnancy and after the birth of your baby, your body undergoes a major change including your posture adjusting to the weight of your growing baby, the morning sickness some women experience, heartburn, indigestion, constipation and pain in the buttock, groin or leg (commonly called sciatica).

Seeing an osteopath throughout your pregnancy aims to improve the function of the supporting muscles and ligaments that are strained by the extra weight being carried.  Osteopathic treatments are directed towards stabilising and improving mobility around the pelvis which may assist the baby's passage through the birth canal.

After birth of your baby, osteopathic treatment may be useful to relieve back and neck pain from breastfeeding, restore balance in the pelvic region and advise on strengthening exercises for the abdomlnal muscles and pelvic floor.

Whether you have just found out you are pregnant, are part way through your pregnancy or just had your baby, make an appointment with us to help find that body balance to support you as a new mother.