The process of birth places great strain on a baby's head and body.  Difficult protracted births in particular can create a level of stress and strain stemming from the skull, that may contribute to a baby's irritability as his or her body tries to find a balance and rhythm for development. Distortions in the skull may hinder growth, coordination and postural development.  As children become more active and grow to become teenagers, their body frame undergoes changes that require maintenance of a natural spinal curve and attention to the normal accidents, sprains and strains that can occur from being a normal active teenager.

Babies, toddlers and teenagers may benefit from support of treatments as their bodies grow and develop into young adults.  Each child is assessed for the specific challenges that their bodies face and to enhance their opportunities for strong healthy development.  Children may also suffer from conditions such as Asthma or general growing pains that can be assessed individually and treated according to the balance required for the child's body to correct itself.

If you would like to help your child develop an awareness of their own body's natural balance or address any issues of a body mechanical nature, please make an appointment at our clinic to see how we can help you.