The adult body has developed its own rhythms and compensations for managing the stresses and strains of everyday living.  Maybe you have an old injury that has caused you to favour a particular leg in the way you walk or your occupation requires you to hold a particular posture (such as sitting, bending or reaching) for long periods.  Whatever your situation, your body has adapted to support you in your everyday life and in turn may have tilted your pelvis, tensed up muscles or curved your spine in a particular way.

Redressing this imbalance that we have developed over a long period of time requires regular attention.  Osteopathy offers the expert attention to your individual situation that identifies where imbalances exist in your body whether they are structural or muscular.  These imbalances may present to you in symptoms such as headaches, backpain, postural pain, or other strain.

To check on your body balance, make a booking with one of our osteopaths to improve your body's ability to cope with everyday living.