Are you getting neck pain and/or headaches? Neck pain is very common for people whose occupations require them to sit still staring at a computer all day! Neck pain can also be the result of muscle strains for example in the case of whiplash where the head neck and soulders are jarred by some sudden movement.

Here is an important checklist for your GP/therapist/dentist:

  • Have serious pathologies been excluded? (MRI/CT scans/blood tests)
  • Have obvious causes of referred pain been assessed? (i.e. cervicogenic headaches, myofascial trigger point)
  • Do you have a breathing dysfunction or mild sleep apnea?
  • Do you have jaw/teeth problems?
  • Have there been previous traumas to your head/neck rib cage or shoulder?
  • Do you experience numbness or weakness in the hands or arms?
  • Do you get bloated/reflux after food? (if your therapist is unsure why this is relevant, ask where the nerves for the diaphragm come from)

These are some simple and very important questions to ask and issues to have assessed.

If your health professional is:

  • confused
  • angry
  • indignant
  • interested

Please ask them to call us. We are happy to discuss their importance. Through massage, manipulation, gentle stretching or other techniques, the osteopath will work with your body to heal your neck pain and discuss ways of strengthening supporting muscles.

If you are experiencing neck pain, don't let it continue to restrict your life - make an appointment to see how an osteopath can assist you in relieving your pain, or click here to download a printable version of the checklist to your therapist.