Has your health practitioner checked these crucial areas in judging how to manage and treat your shoulder symptoms?

For ANY shoulder condition, you must assess and treat:

  • the sternoclavicular joints
  • the scapulothoracic articulation
  • the rotator cuff (all four), S.I.T.S. (they will know)
  • the coracoid muscles, forearm and humeral alignment, scapular alignment
  • kypholordosis
  • liver and diaphragm
  • cervical spine mechanics
  • sternal and thoracic mechanics
  • the pelvis via latissimus dorsi

These are 9 crucial points that we assess and treat in every shoulder problem.

If your therapist/GP is:

  • confused
  • defensive
  • surprised

Suggest they call and ask to speak to one of the osteos here.

We would invite you to bring along your doctor/trainer etc. to sit in on our consultations.

Click here to download a printable version of the checklist.