A baby is considered to have infantile colic if he or she is crying for around three hours a day, for more than three days in a week and for more than three weeks in a month.  Colic is not clearly defined for its causes and can range from sensitivity to foods, nervous system responses to the mechanical strains of a difficult birth, strains in the thorax, abdomen, or pelvis leading to constipation, irritable bowel or food intolerance.

Given the wide range of possible causes, osteopathic treatment is determined by first enquiring about many aspects of the pregnancy, birth and family history.  Treatment through cranial osteopathy can address the mechanical strains that may have occurred before during or after the birth.  The refined technique involves gentle manipulation of the 26 bones in the skull to release stress and allow the body to correct itself.

If your baby is suffering from irritability that is not respponding to soothing contact our clinic to make an appointment to discuss how oesteopathy can gently nurture your child back into his or her own healthy balance.